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The manufacturers of furniture fabrics voluntarily place cleaning labels on upholstered furniture. These labels have created a great deal of confusion for the consumer. Let’s shed some light on the issue.

undefinedThere are many situations when an upholstered piece of furniture gets soiled or an accidental spill occurs. We’d like to be able to spot clean it ourselves. What would be the best solution and method to use?

General advice is extremely difficult to give for spot cleaning upholstery compared to carpet spotting. Upholstery fabrics are made from a variety of natural and synthetic fibers or blends. The dyes and finishes used for upholstery can be extremely sensitive to certain cleaning solutions. Without knowing how to test the safety of a particular cleaning solution and method, a consumer has great potential to cause permanent damage by attempting to spot clean.

The manufacturers have tried to assist you by providing cleaning labels which include recommended procedures and one of the following codes:

“W” Use the foam only of a water based cleaning agent such as a mild detergent or non-solvent upholstery shampoo product.

“S” Use a mild, water-free solvent or dry cleaning product.

“WS” Use either of the solutions mentioned above.

The manufacturers don’t promise the recommended solutions will be very effective for spot cleaning, but they should prevent you from causing more damage.

Please note that they do advise you to use a professional cleaner for overall cleaning. Since a professional cleaner knows how to pretest cleaning solutions and methods he is not restricted by the label designations.

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